The Secret to Our Success: Focus!


Now that school “is back” BGC is now welcoming more than 1,000 kids daily at our Clubs. Rather than rattling off the list of their activities and programs, we know that the most important thing that you can learn (and know) about our Clubs is that there, kids are seen and heard. Sound too simple? Or airy fairy? Well, we know it’s not. When kids really feel that people (peers, adults) see them and listen to them, they understand that they are cared for and respected – that they matter! And with that, their confidence builds, they do better in and are more likely to finish school, make good friends, and are able to make better choices, both daily and in tough situationDonations. What’s even better is that BGC measures that, so we’re not just “telling tales out of school”!

This year, the fact that school was out earlier than anticipated and went back later than normal, has left us with a bigger challenge than usual. We’re not complaining, but the straight facts are that because school groups had to cancel bookings at Camp Potlatch in June and September, we lost $13,038 in revenue that we were counting on. In our Clubs, we had $16,750 in unbudgeted expenses by opening our Clubs those 29 days. Just as importantly, as kids flooded into our Clubs on Monday, September 22nd, they began another great year of BGC support. We’re proud that we can have such dramatic and important impact in kids’ lives for so little money, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need help.

Here’s how you can help:

Donate, or, if that isn’t your thing, commit to raising money for us:

  • $20 pays for one of our kids’ participation in one day of “strike camp” (we don’t love that term, but we’re calling a spade a spade).
  • $100 pays for a whole week!
  • $500 pays for a month of food at a Club (last year we served 285,000 snacks and meals).
  • $1,000 will support one of our amazing BGC Club kids for the whole year.
  • $5,000 Be like Jack! See below for Jack’s inspiration AND challenge!

Long-time BGC supporter, Jack Gin (aka father, entrepreneur, philanthropist, east side boy, and all around good community guy), responded to my August 31st email with a big cheque. He also told us, in a rare move, he was prepared for us to tell others what he did. He says that rather than “giving back”, he’s giving forward, and wants to challenge others to do the same.

So… how are you going to help?!


Carolyn Tuckwell
President & CEO
[email protected] | 604-879-6554 | @CarolynBGC