Doing the Math on the School Strike


In response to our last email newsletter, we received an incredible $8,000 in gifts, including one gift to match Jack Gin’s $5,000 challenge to “give forward”! Now that the dust has settled, we are turning our attention to raising the remaining $22,000 in unplanned expenses/lost revenue that resulted from the school closures in June and September.

Doing the math: the extra 27 days of full day programs at 10 Clubs = 266 kids per day (450 kids in total) = 7,161 spots provided while the powers that be worked out their issues. Another way of saying that is instead of being home alone and/or unsupervised, 450 kids spent great days at their Club where the “lessons learned” were about building healthy relationships, being active and eating well, having opportunities to be a leader in all sorts of fun and different ways and, yes, even learning that they actually miss school after a while! Ironically, these are all things that actually help them to do better at school!

We know that doing the right thing often comes at a price, and we believe that giving kids and families our support was worth it. We hope you agree, and that you might be interested in helping us to close that gap. We have $22,000 to go to make up the cost of the school closures. Click here to help us do the right thing and support amazing kids!



Carolyn Tuckwell

President & CEO
[email protected] | 604-879-6554 | @CarolynBGC