The Best Summer Ever


What comes to mind when you imagine THE perfect summer for kids? You might think of day trips to the beach or Science World, eating ice cream, a week away at camp, hiking, baseball, swimming, or even just playing outside with friends.

What if I told you those exact things are happening in our Clubs and at Camp Potlatch this summer? The bonus? While kids are experiencing it Archery At Campall, our talented staff are making them feel great about themselves, giving them leadership opportunities, reinforcing what they’ve learned at school, and are making sure that they’re well fed and don’t overheat while they have fun in the sun. Without Boys and Girls Clubs, and without YOU, thousands of kids would miss out on summer fun!

None of what we do happens without people who choose to give so that kids get the things they need and deserve. So today, over halfway through the summer, this is our not-so-subtle call out to those of you that are inspired by knowing that thousands of kids, regardless of their circumstances, are have the awesome summer that every kid deserves.

Join us:

$50 provides snacks and meals for one kid all summer
$100 covers adventurous day trips around Vancouver for one kid
$475 sends a kid to Camp Potlatch for a week
$1,000…well…that makes you the biggest fan of summer. EVER!
Hope your summer is great!


Carolyn Tuckwell
President & CEO
[email protected] | 604-879-6554 | @CarolynBGC