Curiousity kills… Kindness cures…


Hi All,

A week after our 9th Pink Shirt Day campaign, I’m happy to reflect back on both this year, and how far we’ve come. In media interviews and on street corners on the morning of Pink Shirt Day, I found myself answering these curious questions: Do you really think this campaign is making a difference? How do you know things are getting better?

One of the most compelling arguments that Pink Shirt Day has made a difference is the simple reality that since that first campaign in 2008, bullying has become completely unacceptable. From legislation to work place anti-bullying policies, we’ve clearly decided enough is enough and we’re putting that in print. Further evidence of change: kids can now recite the steps to take when they are bullied, see bullying, or in fact, have bullied. It’s the new: Stop, drop and roll! Kids have played a lead role in this, which is part of the magic.

What makes me optimistic about the fact that we’re on the right track? This year’s simple campaign message emphasizes the fact that none of us has an excuse to tolerate or ignore bullying, because the antidote is ridiculously simple: kindness. We’re all capable of it, and of encouraging others to strive for it too. Join us. And, if you need a boost of “kid” energy to motivate you, click on this link to see our kids celebrating another awesome Pink Shirt Day campaign.