What is helping a kid finish school worth to you?


When you imagine what our Clubs look like on a day like today, I bet you imagine loads of kids in the gym, making crafts, playing games, and eating. Do you also picture kids and youth doing their homework? You see, while our Club members are in our midst, we are a bit sneaky about how we help them to decide to get their homework done while they’re here. There are a million, very individual reasons why kids struggle at school. By paying attention to each kid individually, we focus on addressing those reasons (everything from not having an appropriate place to do their homework, not having access to technology, never having felt successful at school, and the list goes on), beginning with giving them a mentor who’s primary goal is to get to know them, and see the best in them, so they start to see it themselves.

Academically, 85% seems like a pretty solid grade, doesn’t it? But, what if that is, instead of a grade, the % of kids in BC who are actually graduating from high school? The fact that 15% of BC youth are not graduating from high school is an issue that affects us all, and that is why at BGC, we use all of our tools… and even some sneaky tricks… to make getting their homework done, and finishing school the “cool” thing to do. That might make it sound easy, but it’s not. Diggin in, and riding through the really tough stuff with kids is hard, but it’s what we’re here for. And, you can help.

If you believe, like we do, that one of the most important things we can do to set up youth for success is to help them to finish school, then we invite you to click here to make a donation that will help us to do just that. The average cost of supporting a youth each year is $2,000, which we believe to be one of the best investments around. $1,000 helps us to upgrade technology regularly so youth have the tools they need to keep in school. $500 pays for their participation in out trips into the community where they learn about career options across the course of the year. $100 will fund supplies in the homework rooms. $50 pays for their meals and snacks to keep them energized and focused for 2 months of programming.