Why giving matters.

1,000 kids a day

Hi there,

Some of you might wonder why anyone other than fundraisers and people who work for charities would celebrate National Philanthropy Day. The truth is, we all have a reason to celebrate. You see, it’s all too easy to overlook the countless programs, services, and organizations that improve our lives and communities, because we think of them solely as serving “people in need”. But here’s the rub: aren’t we all in need? Of something…big or small? Further, aren’t we all “better” when we are all well, safe, nurtured, and thriving?

Our society exists on the basis of governments, businesses and non-profits/charities all doing their part to contribute to the greater good. Still, I bet you’d be surprised to learn that charities in the BC economy represent more than $9 billion annually.

This day allows us to shine a light on the successes of our sector, while not losing sight of the many challenges we face, at least in part because our sector is still widely misunderstood. Thousands of organizations (from volunteer run to large, sophisticated non-profit businesses) pursue their missions and purpose with vigor, reliant on philanthropy to fuel progress. Without them, not only would poverty, hunger, disease and disobedience be worse, but laughter, colour, and sound would quickly drain from our communities as art galleries, theatres, museums, music, public events, and sports/recreation organizations would disappear.

THAT is why we all have a reason to celebrate National Philanthropy Day. While we celebrate, I invite you to think about the things you personally care the most about and commit to them in a deeper, more meaningful way to create the kind of world you want to live in.

I have. Please join me.

Carolyn Tuckwell, President & CEO
Non-Profit Myth Buster

Top Ten Myths of the Non-Profit World
1. Non-profits are only serving the vulnerable / at-risk.
2. There shouldn’t be overhead in charities.
3. Working for a charity is not a career / a ‘real job’.
4. Charities are not run like businesses.
5. Most people give to charity.
6. Non-profits shouldn’t spend money on advertising.
7. Non-profits don’t work well together and in fact often duplicate each other’s work.
8. I already gave so the need should go away.
9. Giving your time to a charity is more valuable than giving your money.
10. Non-profits shouldn’t / can’t make a profit.