Any other eternal optimists out there?!

What's more important is the person you are becoming

Hi there,

January is always a little “something”… as in, not my favourite month, I suppose. And this January, I was a bit more blah than usual because of a Fraser Institute report recently released that speaks to the fact that charitable giving in Canada is at a 10-year low, and that BC is near the bottom of the pack. Whoa. Talk about a buzz kill.

Our work to offer belonging to the thousands of kids who attend our Clubs and Camp Potlatch is a direct result of charitable giving. That has been our approach/funding model for decades. It’s an important part of our promise to families that we’re here for them, making Vancouver affordable and making it possible to give their kids and youth “the best of” as they grow up. At a time when demand AND need are at an all-time high, we find ourselves facing news that is, to be honest, scary.

What keeps us focused and clear in the face of news like the Fraser Institute’s report, is that our amazing kids deserve for us to be brave, bold and to persevere (as opposed to whining and complaining). Our job is to inspire you with the possibility that comes with doing everything in our power to help every single amazing kid in our midst to grow up to be the amazing adult they are meant to be. When that happens, they do great things! If you’re a person that needs proof, click here for a few soundbites from our amazing kids that PROVE BGC matters and is on the right track.

So, even though it’s January (and, you may have just finished your 2016 charitable giving), I’m inviting you to consider starting the year off right by making a gift that invests in an amazing kid with an amazing future.

Carolyn Tuckwell, President & CEO
Eternal Optimist, Incapable of giving up on kids