What do all kids have in common: they’re hungry!


Hi Friend,

Spring Break is officially here – and we’re busy hosting 750 kids for 2 full weeks of day camps that will keep them safe, active, and having fun. Does that seem like A LOT of kids to you? That’s good, because it IS!!! It’s loud, and busy, and let’s face it, a little crazy, and we LOVE it!

And that’s great because for most two parent families, never mind single parents, the 12 or so weeks of school breaks each year far exceed their vacation time. So, when it comes to school breaks, families need options to keep their kids busy and engaged, instead of unsupervised and alone at home. Our BGC families rely on us because they pay what they’re able to while still knowing their kids are having a blast in a place they know and trust is good for them.

This is where you come in! Those kids will hit our clubs hungry, play a little (or a lot), and get hungry again! For those that arrive hungry, there’s extra help we discreetly provide to calm that hunger. Making sure that every single one of those kids has healthy snacks, lunch, and gets to participate in cooking programs over Spring Break, costs BGC $10,000 (yes, we rounded that…down, to be honest). When you think about it, that’s only $15 per kid, which is pretty great value! Click here for all things food that you can help us with. In case you missed that, just $15 pays for all of the snacks and cooking programs per kid for the entire two weeks.

Click here to be part of BGC’s super yummy Spring Break!

Carolyn Tuckwell, President & CEO
Eternal Optimist, Incapable of giving up on kids