Living the lessons that we teach kids: tell the truth

April Blog 1

Hi there,

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is what, other than money, does Boys and Girls Clubs need to achieve our goals. On the surface, that might seem like an easy question. But wait… not so fast. If you put yourself in my shoes (which I don’t easily share 😉 ), you’re immediately faced with delivering an “appropriate” answer, that is respectful of what that person wants to give, and/or has given in the past, who they know, and what their view of the charitable sector is. All of a sudden, it’s complicated!

You see, just because telling the truth is the right thing to do, doesn’t make it easy. I think about it as an opportunity to find a way to disrupt people’s traditional views of the non-profit world, which often include romantic notions of being able to operate without money, on a completely volunteer basis, or without sufficient resources to achieve our goals. Those goals, by the way, include solving societies’ biggest issues (vulnerability, poverty, hunger, disease, the environment, world peace, that’s all…) RIGHT NOW! Those tasks don’t just need money, they deserve it. A lot of it!

And that’s the simple truth. The two (sorry, but now that I have your attention, I’m giving you two) most urgent needs at BGC are money, and profile (because profile drives revenue). You might wonder why I didn’t mention needing volunteers (especially because National Volunteer Appreciation Week happens this month). The answer to that question is also a simple truth: with more than 1,000 volunteers helping us annually, it’s not an urgent need, although we’ve always got room for more.

I know you’re thinking “But Carolyn, where do I come in”. Well, funny you should ask! We have two amazing opportunities coming up where you can help us raise money and profile (bet you didn’t see that coming)! Here are the deets:

Scotiabank Charity Challenge Half Marathon and 5k: Scotiabank built this incredible event to help organizations like ours raise money (and they foot the bill). So, if you’re running from something or someone, or if you’re really a runner, join our Boys and Girls Clubs team and hit up your friends to sponsor you in support of our amazing kids!
Play On!: The Canucks might not be in the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean hockey is done here in the Lower Mainland! Play On! is an event of Hockey Night in Canada where large scale street hockey tournaments happen in 15 cities across Canada, including Coquitlam and Richmond in May and June. For every corporate team that signs up in those events (registration fee: $750), BGC receives $500. Score, right?
The third, but equally great option to help us out: throw some money at one of these events, by sponsoring a participant, a team, or both, in support of BGC!

There, I told the truth, and I feel great! One more truth: giving feels great, too. #justsayin

Carolyn Tuckwell, President & CEO
Disruptive Truth Teller