What would summer camp be… without kids?

I never knew

Hi there,

When we think about kids and summer, we think of them at play, which looks so fun and carefree. We don’t consciously realize that play, is in fact, their work! It’s how they practice all of the lessons they are learning from their parents, teachers, role models, heroes, and even from their friends. And we also conveniently forget that growing up, most kids struggle at least a little, or a lot, with feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, worry that they’re not good enough/smart enough/measuring up.

So, when people think about Boys and Girls Clubs, we know they often think of it as a place where kids go to play, have fun, hang with their friends. And because we raise money to operate our Clubs, many also think we’re just for poor kids. The worries I’ve just mentioned, however, transcend lines of poverty, abuse, neglect… and we can’t easily discern at a glance, which ones will manage well, and which ones won’t without some extra care and attention. And THAT is where Boys and Girls Clubs really steps in. We pull in right alongside them, and do everything we can to help alleviate their struggles.

We’re just a few school days away from summer vacation, when thousands of kids will walk out the door of their school for the last time until September, all needing lots of play… ideally supervised play… to convert all the lessons they’ve been learning, AND to build their confidence to tackle the year ahead. That means day camps in the city, and Camp Potlatch for the ultimate get away! And, while we don’t only accept kids from families who struggle financially, a significant number of our families do, and that’s where you can help.

By making a donation, you’ll be ensuring that kids who might otherwise spend the summer unsupervised and/or without the chance of going to camp, get the chance for all of that. The bonus: they’ll head back to school in the fall with stories of their adventures just like their friends. Click here to make that happen for one amazing kid (or many).

Carolyn Tuckwell, President & CEO
Disruptive Truth Teller