Is it really just summer camp?

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Summer day camps in the city include popsicles, trips to the beach, dodge ball, arts and crafts, gardening, and on those REALLY hot days, just finding a shady spot to play a game or read… and just cool down. At Camp Potlatch, there’s swimming, kayaking, rock climbing, mass games, and new friends from far away neighbourhoods in the city.

Behind all of that, though, is a secret. What kids remember is how BGC camp made them feel… safe, happy, like they matter, like they belong, that the leaders really care about them, that they are good enough/smart enough to do anything that they set their minds to! To be honest, I’d sign up for camp right this minute if I could have that feeling!

In case you don’t buy it, click here to meet Dave, who went to Camp as a kid decades ago because of the generosity of a stranger. The way Camp made him feel changed him, and now he supports kids to go to Camp, so they can have the same feeling. I hope you’ll join him!

Carolyn Tuckwell, President & CEO
CEO a.k.a. Camp Experience Optimist