Over 50 Years with Sears!

5o Years with Sears

Not long after they began retailing in Canada, Sears decided to support quality, after-school programs delivered by Boys and Girls Clubs across the country.

2015 marked the 50th anniversary of the partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. Over the past five decades, Sears Canada and its employees, customers and suppliers have donated an incredible $15 million to give children and youth in underserved neighbourhoods safe, fun and inspiring after-school environments.

Quality after-school programs can have a profound impact on a child but ensuring every child gets the most out of after-school hours requires a community-wide, coordinated effort.

Helping Canadian families is a company-wide value at Sears. In addition to significant financial support, Sears Canada employees have dedicated countless hours of volunteer time to Boys and Girls Clubs at every rung of the corporate ladder, starting at the top. Sears employee volunteers see first-hand that the partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs provides essential programs in a caring environment to inspire and support children to succeed.

Thank you, Sears Canada, for over 50 years of helping young Canadians reach their full potential!