Saved by (the) Bell

NBA and Bell

This week, as you may have seen, Bell’s Let’s Talk event celebrates its seventh year. Here at Boys and Girls Clubs, we support Bell Let’s Talk – here’s why.

On October 2, 2015, Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC were honoured to celebrate another Bell partnership – with us and NBA Canada – where our Kimount Club gym received a much needed renovation. Awesome new backboards, shiny new gym floor, and lots of new toys were included, delivered by some very tall friends from the Toronto Raptors, NBA Canada, and by Bell. It’s no coincidence that Bell supported this renovation, because it’s how they work. They understand that commitment to community sometimes means actually building that community, in our case, a community for kids in the form of a gym.

When kids belong to Boys and Girls Clubs, they learn that community means that people care about them, are there for them, and believe in them. When that happens, they believe in themselves. And, when they run into trouble, including mental health issues, that community of people is there for them.

So, that’s why this week, we’re cheering on Bell and the Let’s Talk event. We’re right there with them in the drive to make sure everyone feels like they belong, and are part of a community.