Best. Birthday. Ever.

Peter Webster Quote
For the past 79 days, you’ve been reading (here and on Twitter) stories of our alumni and testimonials from our kids, staff and supporters about why BGC Matters. Tomorrow is the 80th, and final day of our birthday campaign and so we’ll be celebrating BGC’s 80th birthday with the support of the Vancouver Canadians at […]

High risk or high potential? Ask us.

Doug Quote
Hi Everyone, I might not be a parent, but that doesn’t keep me from feeling soooo very proud of our amazing Boys and Girls Clubs kids. Today’s message to tell you why #BGCMatters is in both written and video form. When we filmed the video of Doug, I was struck by how self-aware and articulate […]

We, are the Champions…

Anijela Quote
Of kids! We’re channeling our inner Freddie Mercury over here to help us bring in the long weekend and kick off summer break! But seriously, it’s no coincidence that Anijela (Annie, to us), who tells her BGC story this week, calls BGC her champion. Why? Well, in our last strategic planning process, we realized that […]

Lights, camera, alumni action!

Ken Hansom Quote
I’m mixing it up this week, and sending you a video of one of our most loyal and dedicated alumni. Ken has belonged to BGC for more than 60 years. Still arriving at least twice a week to help us keep our Fraserview Club in top form, Ken’s is the kind of belonging that we […]

When you’re looking for one thing, and you find belonging

Christine Arnold Quote
We often say that whether in our 12 neighbourhood Clubs or at Camp Potlatch, our most important deliverable is belonging. Today’s alumni story highlights that from a Camp Potlatch alumnus’ perspective. What youth volunteers don’t realize (and, well, let’s keep it our little secret) is that for BGC, our role with them doesn’t change because […]

Bosses in disguise (…as amazing kids)

Grant Quote
Today’s alumni story highlights, as have the previous 3, what happens for kids when they have a place in their community where adult leaders (a.k.a. mentors and role models) see and hear them, and accept them for who they are. As BGC kids maneuver through their school age years, their Club is the place to […]

Every kid IS amazing!

As we celebrate 80 years of Boys and Girls Clubs here in South Coast BC, we’re sharing the incredible stories of alumni. If you know me well, you’ve probably heard me say: repetition is the key to adult learning. So, as you read these stories, I’ll repeat BGC’s core belief: “every kid is amazing…no might’’, […]

BGC Alumni are everywhere!

Hi All, There is no better evidence that #BGCMatters than community leaders like Barry Scott, President of Maynards Fine Art and Antiques, who remember how their experiences at BGC have shaped their lives. Read below for his full story. Do you have a BGC story to tell? We’d love to hear it! My involvement with […]

Who understands belonging better than you?

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Hi there! As an alumnus of Boys and Girls Clubs, you know what the experience of belonging is all about. Organizations like ours routinely list all of our programs, services, and activities in an effort to explain why we’ve relevant and important. But, you know our secret: those programs, services and activities are in fact, […]