The Gift of Dignity this Holiday Season

Breakfast with Santa
Here comes the holiday season, which at BGC will be filled with all of the things that kids and families need, plus a few special surprises! Breakfasts with Santa (many, many Santa’s…), community dinners, parties in the Clubs, gifts and stockings, and even an appearance in the Rogers Santa Claus parade are all on the […]

Doing the Math on the School Strike

In response to our last email newsletter, we received an incredible $8,000 in gifts, including one gift to match Jack Gin’s $5,000 challenge to “give forward”! Now that the dust has settled, we are turning our attention to raising the remaining $22,000 in unplanned expenses/lost revenue that resulted from the school closures in June and […]

The Secret to Our Success: Focus!

Now that school “is back” BGC is now welcoming more than 1,000 kids daily at our Clubs. Rather than rattling off the list of their activities and programs, we know that the most important thing that you can learn (and know) about our Clubs is that there, kids are seen and heard. Sound too simple? Or airy fairy? Well, […]

I Bet You’re Wondering…

…What Boys and Girls Clubs are doing next week during the first week of the school strike. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past 2 weeks fielding calls and inquiries about how BGC is responding to the likelihood that kids won’t be going back to school next week. So, I thought it might […]

March Madness at Boys and Girls Clubs

If you opened this because you were hoping to hear about US college basketball, I hope you’re not so disappointed that you don’t read on! At Boys and Girls Clubs, March brings a whole different kind of madness – full days with our Clubs full of kids – hundreds in fact, on school spring break! […]

The Best Adventure Race Ever: CapitalOne’s Race for Kids

Capital One Race for Kids™ is a return to the best adventures of childhood, embracing the carefree days of being a kid, and a bonding experience for participants as they challenge their skills while raising funds for all boys and girls to have the same opportunity.In over 25 communities across Canada, teams of four will […]

Why BGC’s Kids Deserve a Medal Every Day

Amazing Kids
If you’re anything like me, these long, dark, cold (not as cold as some places, but a damp cold none-the-less) days of February make me want to curl up inside and wait for spring. Thankfully, every four years we have the Winter Olympics to distract us! It’s hard to believe it’s already been four years […]

What We’re Doing to Break the Cycle of Child Poverty

As another New Year begins, it seems to me that the headlines are “same old, same old”: Times Are Tough, Fundraising is Harder and Harder, etc etc etc. I think that the most upsetting re-run is that BC once again has the highest rates of child poverty in the country. This has been very much […]

BGC Raising the Grade!

Raising the Grade! Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada delivers a multi-faceted education program called Raising the Grade, aimed at increasing academic skills, high-school graduation rates, and access to post-secondary education for at-risk youth from a select group of Boys and Girls Clubs across the country. Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC is […]