Michael R. Williams, Columbia Manufacturing Co. Ltd. – Fraserview Club Champion

There is no one who is prouder of Fraserview and the kids here than its Club Champion, Mike Williams. Since joining our Board of Directors in 2007, Mike’s relationship with BGC has flourished because of his quiet generosity and genuine concern. Between getting the team at his company, Columbia Manufacturing Co. Ltd., involved volunteering and replacing windows at Fraserview, to choosing to be the Club’s Champion in 2014, Mike’s desire to share BGC’s vision with his community has been nothing short of remarkable.

Mike’s generosity is fueled by the belief that everything kids need during their out-of-school hours can be found at Boys and Girls Clubs. To him, it is our Clubs’ safe, consistent environment with mentors and role models that will make the biggest, most enduring impact in kids’ lives.

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