Jim and Carol Mercier –Wintemute Club Champion

Jim Mercier’s commitment to community is rooted in his own memories of his hardworking, single mother raising him, his brother and sister, in a converted garage in Burnaby. Fueled by that experience, Jim defined his own future: devoted family man, successful business man, engaged community leader, and quiet philanthropist.

Serving in public office and on community Boards were the first indications of his interest in community. Then, in the early 1980’s, once his business reached a degree of success he had never dreamed of, Jim and his wife Carol began supporting Boys and Girls Clubs with the specific goal of providing a hand up to hardworking, single mothers like his own.

By 2014, Jim and Carol were prepared to make their most significant investment, becoming Champions of the Wintemute Boys and Girls Club. After all, Jim and Carol believe that we are all a part of creating community, and their contribution will be measured through the success of BGC’s amazing kids and families.

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