Change is in the air… enduring change!


Hi there,

In my last message to you, I wrote about how at BGC we’ve honed our approach to working with kids by creating an environment and experience that feels very different to them: BGC is a place where they WANT to be, and where they, without even noticing, experience enduring, positive change as a result of being in a Club or at Camp Potlatch (or both).

That enduring change is really all about helping them to grow up to be their best selves, protecting them from being defined by the challenges they experience in childhood, and setting them up to have a great life.

Having skills to develop positive relationships, healthy living habits like being physically active and making good food choices, developing an inclination for lifelong learning, and having opportunities to lead from their own individual strengths and gifts are outcomes that are proven to contribute to a great adult life, and that’s why everything we do at BGC pushes toward those for our kids and youth.  

Click here to be a part of the enduring change that our kids and youth will feel this summer.

Carolyn Tuckwell

President & CEO of Parks, Picnics and Popsicles

[email protected]