I’m so happy you believe every kid is amazing, just like we do

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Hello there!

If it’s possible to have a happiness hangover, then that’s what we’re feeling over here at Boys and Girls Clubs today. Last night was an incredible night of “all things Boys and Girls Clubs” at our Club House Gala. We’re thrilled to have raised over a quarter of a million dollars (yup… that’s right!!!) in support of our efforts to give every one of our amazing kids a place to belong. I think it’s worth saying out loud that every penny of that is actually going to support our kids (yes, that’s a net number, after expenses). Whether you were there or not, it’s not too late to be part of what was a charmed evening, by clicking here to invest in one (or many!) amazing kids. 

Every one of us here at Boys and Girls Clubs love our work because it matters, and it makes a positive difference in the lives of thousands of amazing kids. Because of that, the generosity we saw last night is actually a little overwhelming. Our buckets are full of pride, gratitude… and, well something that feels a lot like love. Thanks to everyone who made that happen!

In return, here’s a new video that we’re sure will fill your bucket, hopefully with the same mix of magic.

Carolyn Tuckwell

President & CEO of Happiness Hangovers

[email protected]

Check out the photos from our big night here!