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About BGC

For more than 85 years, BGC South Coast BC (serving BC’s Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley) has been giving kids and youth a safe place to belong in their neighbourhood when they aren’t at home or at school. Our staff mentors connect with kids on their terms, using programs and activities to help them develop relationship skills, healthy living behaviours, a love of lifelong learning, and leadership skills. And most importantly, our Clubs are a place where kids and youth learn that they matter, and are accepted for who they are.

About Blueprint

Blueprint catalyzes a global conversation about the state and impact of men in the world. Together, we are mobilizing men to be a force for good. We enhance the well-being of men and communities, creating a safe space for men to share their stories with others who are willing to listen and respond with empathy. We are changing lives and transforming communities. Blueprint is a university-based nonprofit organization that strives to impact society by improving men’s well-being and enhancing their positive contribution to communities. Through research, programs and storytelling we transform the stories of men and those who relate to them. We provide men with a Blueprint for reshaping their role in families and communities.

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Blueprint Athlete Program Data Indicates Lasting Positive Impact


Get Clear

What kind of man do I want to be, and how do I want to show up for all teams of life.


Face the Facts

Examine how am I showing up and how do I want to be different.


Make a Play

Take action to change my behaviour and way of being in the world.

  • 100% of participants agree they now have clarity, an understanding of the facts and a plan towards the type of person they want to be and agree that the program helped them commit to self-improvement based on listening to feedback from others and taking action.
  • 15% reduction in traditional gender based attitudes.
  • 14% increase in accountability to friends and teammates.
  • 7% reported increase in personal intentionality.

BGC's 4 outcomes

BGC’s social recreation programs are intended to develop essential life skills for Club members. All Club programs, both in design and delivery, intentionally target one or more of the following outcomes for children and youth:

Positive Relationships

Enhanced connection to community, interpersonal skills, sense of belonging, and acceptance of self and others.

Healthy Living

Make healthy choices about nutrition and physical activity, and have increased positive outlook and resilience.

Lifelong Learning

Experience educational success, develop curiosity and creative expressions, and learn how to challenge themselves and achieve goals.


Learn how to be leaders and have a positive influence on others, building skills for cooperation, self-regulation, confidence, and taking initiative.