Our Clubs are a place where every kid can be amazing!

At BGC South Coast BC, we believe that every kid is amazing. And we know that by seeing and hearing them, they’ll believe it too! That is why, for over 85 years, BGC has been giving children and youth something they deserve: a place to belong when they aren’t at home or at school. To kids, their Club feels like a place where they can hang out with their friends, and make new ones! But it’s so much more. It’s a safe place that provides them with three of the things they need most: a sense of belonging, a sense of success, and positive relationships. That happens through a wide range of activities that are not only of interest to kids, but that are good for them, too: sports, homework, safe access to the on-line world, arts, crafts, and of course, sharing meals.

At BGC, we believe that every kid who wants to go to the Club should be able to.

If you need help with fees, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 604-324-2267 – fees are negotiable and payment plans are available to meet your needs.

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Current and New Club Members

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If you are new to BGC and need more information or assistance with registration,
please connect directly with one of our Clubs (listed below).

Paper copies of our registration forms are also available and can be emailed directly to you or can be picked up at the Club.