BGC South Coast BC (BGC) looks for team members who share our passion for creating environments and programs that encourage kids and families to grow, learn, and have fun in a safe and supportive environment and who believe that every child is amazing. At BGC we know that our people (staff and volunteers) are one of our strongest assets and we strive to offer competitive wages, benefit packages, and employee development opportunities. Most of our programs benefit from low turnover and many of our present staff who started out in entry level positions are now leading programs and people. If you are interested in pursuing a career with a great bunch of people who work to make a difference for kids in communities reaching from North Vancouver to Langley, check out our postings below!

As it connects to our organizational core values, BGC encourages staff to show up as their best selves, including mutual respect, integrity, and accountability.

BGC Equitable Employer Statement

BGC values building and sustaining a culturally diverse environment and commits to intentional efforts to reflect that (along with our other values) in all that we do. BGC is committed to provide employees with an equitable opportunity hiring process and work environment free from discrimination and harassment. We seek to hire, train and engage people from diverse backgrounds, particularly those who experience systemic barriers. Employment decisions are based on the individual’s qualifications, merit, lived experience, and knowledge.


Equity means treating folks based on their needs. It differs from equality, where everyone is treated the same, regardless of need. Equal circumstances do not yet exist in our society, so BGC practices ethics of equity in all aspects of our organization. Systemic oppression in society has marginalized folks based on identity and culture, and we commit to countering these dynamics.


The work and voices of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour; LGBTQ2SIA+ folks; people with disabilities; and folks with other marginalized experiences are strongly centered.

In order to prevent creating additional barriers, we commit to:

  • Only including necessary qualifications on job descriptions.
  • Using simple, accessible and gender inclusive language.
  • Avoiding the use of prescriptive adjectives and jargon.
  • Including salaries or hourly rates on all job postings.
  • Using a standardized set of questions for each interview candidate to maximize fairness in process.
  • Honouring lived experiences.
  • Assessing whether people’s values align with ours rather than assessing whether people ‘fit the culture’.
  • Posting employment notices across a wide range of websites and other locations to attract a diverse pool of applicants.