Club House Initiative ~ the Straight Goods

Thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every one of you who made a donation, purchased raffle tickets, and/or bid on auction items for our Club House Initiative. You heard us, and believed in us and our different approach for our fall fundraiser.


We told you what we think are the straight goods – that many, around the world, and right here amongst us, are suffering and are significantly affected by COVID-19, and that many of us are actually doing relatively “okay” despite it all. And many of you responded to let us know that you ARE okayand you made a gift to BGC, investing in our many amazing kids with incredible promise.


And if you are still thinking about making a gift, it’s definitely not too late because while we’re still counting our pennies loonies, we can tell you that we’re creeping closer to our goal of raising what we did last year so you can still help us get there.


Regardless of how you’re helping us, we want to thank you for being amazing, too.


Please keep well. Keep safe. And hopefully we’ll get to see each other in person again sometime’ish!?!


Till then…




Carolyn Tuckwell President & CEO │604.879.6554