BGC South Coast BC is funded by the Delta Ministry of Children and Families (MCFD) and Child Youth Mental Health (CYMH) to provide counselling and support services to youth and families through several counselling service programs:

Our professional counsellors work with youth, families, and/or individuals who may be experiencing difficulties, such as family conflict, family breakdown, abuse, or difficult life transitions. The length of service may vary from short-term solutions, to intensive ongoing support.


Parent-Teen Mediation and Crisis Intervention. This is short-term outreach counselling program provided for families in crisis with youth aged 13-19 who are disconnected from the family and in jeopardy of leaving home. Services provided help youth and their families to connect and relate to one another in a stable functional and harmonious manner.

The Family Development Response Program is a short-term program provided for youth and families who are experiencing high level risk to their safety. This is a short-term highly structured outreach program. Our family counsellors will provide an extensive assessment of youth and family to identify their needs and help them connect with appropriate community resources to address these needs.

Family Therapy is provided to families that seek to improve family relationships and modify home influences that contribute to maladaptive behaviors. It also assists family members to improve communication and collective constructive methods of problem solving. This program is open to all families in need who live in the Delta community.

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Youth Transition Services

We provide one-to-one and group services to youth who may or may not be involved with the Ministry for Child and Family Development who require additional support or skill building to move from adolescence to responsible adulthood. Youth develop adult competencies to enable them to achieve independent living with confidence and success. Included under this service heading are youth and families referred from the community at large. Included in this service area are group services.

Youth Justice

We provide three types of service in the Youth Justice area:

  • Intensive Support and Supervision (ISSP), which is Court ordered one-to-one support by youth worker to young offender to engage the youth in pro-social activities and disengage in negative activities/offending behavior.
  • Community Work Service, which is the supervision of young offenders ordered by the court to engage in constructive means of reparation.
  • Monitoring and Supervision, which includes monitoring compliance with court orders including monitoring curfews, assisting in providing community safety, and providing transportation to court and programs.

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TIS provides therapeutic support to youth aged 13-18 and their families who are struggling with mental health issues and are currently not receiving services from Delta Youth Mental Health Team. The focus of counselling is to help youth develop effective ways to cope and manage their mental health concerns so they experience improved quality of life. This program also supports families connecting with other community resources around mental health issues.

For more information, please contact 604.992.3750 or email