BGC South Coast BC is funded by the Delta Ministry of Children and Families (MCFD) and Child Youth Mental Health (CYMH) to provide counselling and support services to youth and families through several counselling service programs.

Our professional counsellors work with youth, families, and/or individuals who may be experiencing difficulties, such as family conflict, family breakdown, abuse, or difficult life transitions. The length of service may vary from short-term solutions, to intensive ongoing support.



Family Counselling

In the BGC Family Counselling Program, we believe that change is greater than any one single individual; it encompasses a shift in the entire family system to better support the needs of its members. Our services enable families to connect, communicate better, and develop essential skills for an engaged family life. Counselling may include a single family member, multiple caregivers, or an entire family.

We welcome families from the Delta community with youth ages between 12 and 18, with the priority for service where youth are ages 13 to 15. All referrals are initiated by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) and/or Child and Youth Mental Health (CYMH). Subject to demand, please note this program may carry a waitlist.


Parent Teen Mediation

In moments of intense stress within family and adolescent life, the need for immediate support can be overwhelming. Our parent teen mediation program is designed to support families facing urgent situations such as family breakdown, youth safety concerns, or family violence. Within a short-term, crisis intervention model, this service empowers families to repair the relationship with their teen, rebuild safety, and redevelop a healthy and supportive family system.

This service is open to families who live in the Delta community with youth ages between 12 and 18 and who have been referred by MCFD. Priority service is given to youth ages 13 to 15.


Therapeutic Youth Counselling

Whether in search of tools to improve one’s mental health, or simply seeking a safe place to talk, the youth counselling program provides one-to-one, youth-centered counselling. Youth referred to this program may be seeking a therapeutic approach to mental health treatment and may require support that extends beyond an outreach counselling model. Typical areas of focus may include anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use, relationship distress, and youth safety concerns.

Please note, this service is open to youth ages 13 to 18 and their families who live in the Delta community and have been referred by MCFD or CYMH. Subject to demand, this program may carry a waitlist.


For more information about these Family Services, please contact 604-828-9790 or email


In an inclusive environment, we provide support to Delta youth and work towards goals identified by the participant.

We provide one-to-one and group services to youth who may or may not be involved with the Ministry for Child and Family Development. We provide a wide range of services including: individual counselling, group counselling, social/recreational activities and crisis intervention.

Referrals to our program can be made from the Ministry for Child and Family Development and Child and Youth Mental Health as well as from the community, including schools and self-referrals.

Youth Justice

We provide one to one, court ordered support for youth who are involved in the criminal justice system. We also supervise young people who have been ordered to complete community work service as a means of reparations to the community.

To make a referral for one on one counselling or learn more about our groups and program, please contact 604-315-2205 or email