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Over the Edge – June 15, 2022

Club House Gala – September 29, 2022

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  • Thank you to Mealshare and all of the restaurant partners and patrons for your support in helping BGC provide healthy snacks and meals to our amazing kids! Click here to learn more about how Mealshare is working to end hunger for children and youth across Canada.
  • Mary Brown’s proudly stands behind BGC’s mandate to provide safe, supportive places where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, and develop the skills they need to succeed in life. As a brand, we feel a strong connection to BGC, based on our shared values and backgrounds. As well, we both have an uncompromising commitment to inclusion and diversity in all aspects of our organizations. As there are Mary Brown stores and BGC’s across Canada, it’s a natural fit for us to get involved locally from coast-to-coast. Mary Brown’s accepts donations for BGC at the checkout of every store. Next time you’re there, drop a few coins into their donation boxes and help support the kids in your community!
  • Thank you Green Inspiration BC for your ongoing support to BGC through your donation bins!
  • Support BGC when you purchase a copy of this book to help your child with new school jitters Lucy and Her Magic Umbrella. Partial proceeds will be donated to BGC. About the author: Yasmin Wallace was born in a small town in Ontario, Canada and currently lives in North Vancouver, B.C. where she works in the booming film and TV industry. With a background in visual and creative arts and a love for personal development, Yasmin has spent her life as an artist and an inventor of unique ideas. After having her son, Yasmin wanted to share some of the simple tools that had a positive impact on her family’s life. Lucy and Her Magic Umbrella is Yasmin’s first book and she hopes that you will enjoy the fun and creative way it helps your child create positive new habits. You can purchase her book from Amazon by clicking this link: here.
  • First Born Son Home Services (FBSHS) will donate a portion of each sale to BGC South Coast BC. Owner Martin Pharand, is a long-time, dedicated volunteer at our Langley Club so giving back to the community comes naturally to him. If you’d like to check out the services that Martin provides, please visit his website: Thank you, Martin, for dedicating your time and resources to BGC!