On Sept. 23 and 24, BGC “took a bit of a leap” on a new kind of fundraising event – one where people use peer to peer fundraising to sponsor them to rappel down a very tall building for a VERY good cause (wink wink – BGC). And over those two days, 30 individuals and 11 sponsors answered the call, tapped into their courage, and had the experience of a lifetime. The result: $106,000 (net) was raised for BGC’s amazing kids and youth! That surpassed our BIG goal, and exceeded our expectations! We’re beyond thrilled!

I can tell you that I was one of the 30, and while I kept telling people that “I wasn’t overthinking it”, it really was an experience that challenged me in a big way. Let’s face it: our brains do NOT want us to engage in such activities. I am fortunate, though, to work for an organization that I care deeply about and that inspires me every day. That inspiration includes to be my best self, to do my best, and to dig deep even when things are hard. This was a different version of that, and in truth I was happy to do it, and thrilled that so many friends supported me. Having the experience myself has made me even more grateful to the other brave and adventurous people who did it too!

That kind of bravery deserves a call out, way to go…
Andre, Ape, Ariane, Bil, Carollynn, Dan, Dave, Devon, Diane, Greg, Haven, Heather, Jess, Josh, Judy, Kathy, Leanne, Mandy, Matt, Nadine, Polly, Robert, Ross, Ryan, Sarah, Shauna, Sherry, Sophie and Warren!

Your bravery makes all of us at BGC feel incredibly special and fortunate to have supporters, friends, and thrill seekers on our side and believing in our work! In this link, you’ll find a ton of amazing photos from the event which showcase all those superstars, and we hope they might even inspire you for next year!

In a year (plus plus plus) marked by a global pandemic, it might seem counterintuitive to not only launch a new event, but one so challenging. We say our amazing kids and youth deserve our bravest and boldest efforts, and are grateful to all who joined us and cheered us on!