We say our amazing kids and youth deserve our bravest and boldest efforts, and are grateful to all who joined and cheered us on as BGC once again went Over The Edge with our fundraising event!

Over days, 30 individuals and 10 sponsors answered the call, tapped into their courage, and had the experience of a lifetime. Their bravery makes all of us at BGC feel incredibly special and fortunate to have supporters, friends, and thrill seekers on our side and believing in our work!


Click here to take a look at all the fun had!

That kind of courage deserves some cheers!

Way to go…

Alistair, Anthony, Barbara, Carolyn, Diego, Eric, Gurpreet, Jade, Jasneet, Kyle B., Kyle S., Kyle N., Leah, Mackenzie, Mark, Matheus, Matt, Max, Merrin, Milad, Rahma, Ronald, Ryder, Sam, Taj, Taylor, Tiffany, Trish, Wade