Do You Have What It Takes To Go OVER THE EDGE With BGC?
We KNOW you do!


BGC South Coast BC is inviting YOU to join us, have fun, AND raise funds for BGC's #amazingkids!


Fill your Bucket (List)! Rappel down one of downtown Vancouver's iconic buildings!


Hyatt Regency Hotel


Wednesday, May 24, 2023

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BGC South Coast BC is inviting YOU to join us, have an incredible experience, AND raise funds for our amazing kids.

Over the last two years, BGC “took a BIG leap” with a new kind of fundraising event – one where people use peer-to-peer fundraising to sponsor them to rappel down a very tall building for a VERY good cause (wink wink – BGC). Through this event, brave people tap into their courage, and have the experience of a lifetime rappelling down the Hyatt Regency Vancouver. The result: Last year, BGC raised over $100,000 (net) for amazing kids and youth! 

The bravery of everyone who participates in this event makes all of us at BGC feel incredibly special and fortunate to have supporters, friends, and thrill seekers on our side and believing in our work! In this link, you’ll find a ton of amazing photos from the event which showcase all those superstars, and we hope they might even inspire you to join us this year! It might seem a lot to ask people to dig deep for courage and do something scary. We say our amazing kids and youth deserve our bravest and boldest efforts and are grateful to all who will join us and cheered us on!

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