For more than 80 years, our Clubs and Camp Potlatch have given children and youth (5,000+ annually, to be specific) a safe place to belong, support to stay on a positive path, and the skills they need to launch into successful adulthood. And these programs are self-funded. That’s another way of saying the government does NOT fund this work, and so your gift will give kids a chance they wouldn’t otherwise get.

Through hundreds of activities/programs, we focus on building relationships with each kid, so they achieve 4 vital outcomes: the development of relationship skills, leadership skills, and healthy living behaviours, and they graduate high school. Parents pay what they can, so we’re affordable, flexible, and accessible…like no other.

Your gift will go directly to one (or many) local kids, delivering a basic human need – belonging – and soooo much more.

Thank you for also believing in our amazing kids.