BGC Alumni are everywhere!

Hi All, There is no better evidence that #BGCMatters than community leaders like Barry Scott, President of Maynards Fine Art and Antiques, who remember how their experiences at BGC have shaped their lives. Read below for his full story. Do you have a BGC story to tell? We’d love to hear it! My involvement with […]

Who understands belonging better than you?

Brian Quote Picture.jpg
Hi there! As an alumnus of Boys and Girls Clubs, you know what the experience of belonging is all about. Organizations like ours routinely list all of our programs, services, and activities in an effort to explain why we’ve relevant and important. But, you know our secret: those programs, services and activities are in fact, […]

80 Years of Belonging!

Hi there! Recently, I was asked this question: In one word, can you describe what Boys and Girls Clubs does? My answer: belonging. Why? Well, our belief that every kid is amazing plays out every single day at BGC. And “every single day” goes waaaayyyy back to 1936… which is A LOT of days! At […]

Happiness is: 1,000+ volunteers

Volunteer Week pic 2.jpg
Hi All, Here at BGC, volunteerism is thriving. From ages 12 to 92, alone and in groups, volunteers of all ages make up the more than 1,000 people that choose to spend their discretionary time volunteering to help our amazing kids. We are celebrating them this week especially, because without their support, we’d be reaching […]

Curiousity kills… Kindness cures…

Hi All, A week after our 9th Pink Shirt Day campaign, I’m happy to reflect back on both this year, and how far we’ve come. In media interviews and on street corners on the morning of Pink Shirt Day, I found myself answering these curious questions: Do you really think this campaign is making a […]

Welcome to Canada, and Boys and Girls Clubs

A few short years ago, a group of 300 Karen refugees from Burma settled in a housing complex across the street from our Langley Club, arriving with little more than the clothes on their backs. 80 kids flooded into our already bustling Club, first simply discovering a safe place to play. They, along with their […]

Pink Shirt Day!

At BGC, we recognize that bullying, regardless of whether it’s physical, verbal, written, or online, has long-term negative impacts for everyone involved – the targets of bullying, the witnesses, and the bullies themselves. We also know that there are constructive ways for kids to develop skills to prevent bullying and to thrive, and that by […]

Saved by (the) Bell

NBA and Bell
This week, as you may have seen, Bell’s Let’s Talk event celebrates its seventh year. Here at Boys and Girls Clubs, we support Bell Let’s Talk – here’s why. On October 2, 2015, Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC were honoured to celebrate another Bell partnership – with us and NBA Canada – […]

This Holiday Season, Give Dignity and Belonging

Give Belonging and Dignity
Finding a way to respectfully support our families who, despite their best efforts, were having an especially hard time at Christmas was at the top of the agenda when I joined Boys and Girls Clubs way back in December 2005. The debate swirled, both internally and with our donors… “Do families really need this kind […]

Over 50 Years with Sears!

5o Years with Sears
Not long after they began retailing in Canada, Sears decided to support quality, after-school programs delivered by Boys and Girls Clubs across the country. 2015 marked the 50th anniversary of the partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. Over the past five decades, Sears Canada and its employees, customers and suppliers have donated an […]